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Resplendent and bright.

Let there be the music

Of your unsung might.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Reviving My Penmanship

It's 12.50 pm, my head feels heavy due to slumber, and suddenly I decide, it's NOW or NEVER! So I'm back to my blog after a long hibernation of 2 years. Well, I am basically a very lazy person, and these 730 days have made me lazier. There are few things in life, about which...err..I won't say I'm passionate about, but things which I like doing, and things I'm moderately good at. Writing is one of them. But, since yours truly is an abominably lazy person, she loves putting some of her hobbies in a 'stand-by' mode, or rather she loves locking away her hobbies in some dusty cupboard and dropping the keys into a pool of water, and then, she begins to believe,'I don't have it in me anymore!!'. It happened with painting, I was out of touch for a good 6 years, and when a very special person demanded that he wouldn't accept anything as a gift on his Birthday except my painting, I finally had to oblige. And then I was ecstatic...'Yay!! I can paint again!!'. And when I won a second prize for my book review on 'Gone With The Wind', a couple of months back, it was the same feeling of achievement, 'Yay!! I can write again!'. Almost a month back, when I was chatting with Saloni, I was telling her how I have fallen in love with Mumbai, and how the city never stops to inspire me, it was then that she told me, 'Hey, you should start writing about it'. And then it finally did strike me that I should start writing again. After all, life is all about doing what you really like to do. I don't mean to say that I don't like coding away at an IT firm, cuz I am good at it, and I do not believe in cribbing and complaining. Life after all does not come served in a platter. But there are certain things which we all would really love to do. Today I came to know about a friend who has opened her own coaching institute for training aspiring Chartered Accountants, and she loves doing what she does. She was the ICSE Topper from our school. Her story was really inspiring, and I got so inspired, that I decided that from now on wards, I am going to force out a teeny weeny bit of time from my schedule and dedicate it to writing. I hope not to allow my laziness to impede my endeavors. Happy Weekend to all in advance!

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