The Girl and Her Lilac Dreams!

Let there be Sunshine,

Resplendent and bright.

Let there be the music

Of your unsung might.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Take me for a ride tonight.....

Take me for a ride tonight
On your cobalt blue LML Freedom,
To the land of bliss,
To the land of stars,
Where past is elusive and future is far.....
Far away....
From the sultry lanes of human inhabitance,
To the land of blooming dandelions and moonlit skies,
Where time is loath and love never dies;
Far away.....
From the conjested world of internet and mobiles,
Where earthly distances become fade and fragile,
And can no longer prevent me and you
From confessing our love which is eternal and true...
Where conscience guides our thoughts and actions,
And not social norms and cultural bonds,
Where truth is immortal, like an iconoclast,
And eternally pervades to infinity and beyond....
To the distant land of the rising sun,
Where dreams are naive and have just begun
Their inevitable process of becoming true,
Where nothing can separate me and you....
Take me to this land tonight,
On your cobalt blue LML Freedom...


SUPRO Chowdhury said...

good one... flow is nice. seems you dont believe too much in end rhyming... nice style.

reema said...

i had given up on believing in dreams coming true...mostly as far as love is concerned...2 me it looked more like makebelief.... bt ur poem...its humble beuty n belief...stirred me..n stirs in me...hence!
(p.s: ur soul is of da finest make....i deeply respect u...tua)