The Girl and Her Lilac Dreams!

Let there be Sunshine,

Resplendent and bright.

Let there be the music

Of your unsung might.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Girl Under the Magic Moon

Under the bewildered sky enlightened by thee,
On a love draped winter evening,
I looked at thee and thou mesmerized me.
In you did poets see…
Their distant lovers,
And dedicated a million songs to thee.
In you did worshippers of Science see,
A mystery unknown ….
And they reached up to thee.
In you did I see,
The flickering lamp of Hope
Being overshadowed by despair every evening…
Until one day it is lost….
Somewhere in the ever widening abyss of darkness.
And then the next day you show the world,
You are still alive, you are always there.
Thou art the hope that keeps me alive,
Thou art the magic moon of my life!

(Dedicated to the prettiest full moon I've ever witnessed in my life time.)


Mridul Shandilya said...

I liked the concept of writing about the moon :) ...Very clear expressions ... Nice

Sayoni- the solitary dreamer..... said...

thanks :)